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If you’re an individual or an organization looking for a personality assessment to help you and your team become more effective, self-aware, productive, critical thinking, and goal oriented, then Michas Media is able to help.

We use the latest scientific principles and methods to assess the personality of individuals and organizations before giving recommendations on how to improve specific areas of interest.

For example, whether you’re an individual or an organization, it’s important to start all personality assessments at the individual level. Learning more about ourselves allows us to develop and cultivate the self-awareness needed to solve problems, interact with others, and enhance our ability to think critically and creatively.

All organizations consist of people, and unless work is done to assess the personalities and thinking styles of those within an organization, it becomes progressively difficult to determine the overall, “personality” of an organization.

Michas Media specializes in personality assessments and organizational behavior and change, and we believe using evidence based, modern day scientific data from psychology, sociology, business, and marketing is key to unlocking the full potential of all individuals and organizations.

Contact us today in order to discuss more about our scientific approach to organizational behavior and personality assessments.