Organizational Behavior Consultant NYC

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We use proven, evidence-based scientific, business, and management models to help increase effectiveness, creativity, critical thinking, effectiveness, and leadership ability.

Our goal is to help clients:
* Build self-motivated, engaged teams who are capable of taking ownership of challenging problems. We help motivate teams to become self-sufficient enough to handle anything that comes their way in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Teams are stronger and more efficient when they understand how their contribution fits into the whole organization, and when they understand how they can best make their contributions.
* “Know thyself” through evidence-based personality, quantitative, and qualitive assessment instruments which are firmly established in psychology, sociology, business, and management. We apply these assessments on an individual and group basis; we start on the individual level first since, at the end of the day, all organizations are made up of, and are driven by, people. We also apply evidence-based models to assess the culture of organizations.
* Handle, set, and maintain priorities. We believe organizations run efficiently and effectively when all priorities are mapped out, known, and assigned to highly motivated and engaged teams.
* Increase productivity by understanding how to leverage individual strengths and talents to achieve more with less resources and effort. We do this by helping to design and assign people to the right teams, goals, and objectives based on their own unique strengths and desires. For example, some people are inherently gifted in managing and maintaining relationships, but this ability may be undervalued or overlooked – we advocate for the employee and your company by suggesting how this ability can be used to benefit both the employee’s wellbeing and the goals of the organization.